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This is about more than business. Behind each of my clients there is a personal ambition, and often a family and hope for a better future. We always keep that in mind and you are our main concern.


Immigration law is complicated in France, and needs to be applied to your specific situation. We will help you navigate your way through the system, both with embassies and the préfecture, and at court if necessary. We’ll use everything the law allows to ensure your future.


For some, securing the right to live and work in France can be a long journey. Sometimes you may face setbacks. We will support you every step of the way. Our work is to secure your future and we will not rest until it is done.

Our services


You want to live and work in France

Residency and VISA. Before going to the French Embassy or to the Préfecture, we can help to prevent your application being rejected, which could jeopardize your future in France.

By doing so, you will ensure that all your legal documents are submitted to the correct office. A letter will attest to the seriousness of your case. The legal basis for your application will be adressed to the Embassy or to the Préfecture. Following this process, if the French administration does not grant you a VISA or residency you will have all the legal means to pursue an action before the court.

You are living in France and you want your family to join you

When you are living in France with a Residency permit, and if you meet the means and housing requirements, you have the right for your spouse/husband and child to come and live with you so that you can live together (regroupement familial).

This is a lengthy procedure – it can take more than a year with the Préfecture. Moreover, the administration in charge of family reunification process will make a thorough check to make sure you meet the required conditions. We can reduce the delay and ensure that your family can join you as quickly as possible. We help you communicate all the necessary documents to the Préfecture to avoid any rejection, and if that happens we will go before the court to challenge the administration’s decision.

You face expulsion

If you are facing expulsion because of a measure such as « Obligation de quitter le territoire (OQTF) » or are threatened with « Interdiction de retour sur le territoire (IRT) » with or without delay : you need prompt and dedicated assitance and expertise. To ensure that you can stay in France, we need to go before the Tribunal Administratif and make sure that the decision from the administration is reversed.

Once we are representing you, we will defend you before the Tribunal Administratif and send a written argument to the court.
We will also present your defence on hearing day. Once the litigation delay has expired (one month or two days), it is very difficult for us to be able to argue and defend your case.
If faced with expulsion, react immediately to ensure that your case is presented as strongly as possible.

Nationality process

You have been living in France for a long time and feel thatthat your future should be in France – you want to become a French citizen and acquire French nationality.

The decision to grant nationality is taken by decree by the Préfet in charge of your département. It is based on a case by case analysis and they can grant or reject your application depending on their own evaluation. To be sure that you stand the best chance to acquire French nationality, we will prepare your file for you and write to the Préfet arguing why you deserve to become French. We will also help you prepare for your interview with the immigration officer.

If you have already submitted your case to the Préfecture and they have rejected your application, you should know that it is possible to contest the decision before the court. In this case, we will assist and defend you in order to obtain French nationality.

You are married to a French citizen or your child is French

If you have recently married a French citizen or if your child has French citizenship, then you have the right to live in France.

Sometimes the French administration can act impetuously and reject your application. If this happens, my firm will clarify your situation with the immigration office: the Embassy or the Préfecture.

If they continue to uphold their decision, we will proceed to the court (Tribunal administratif or commission de recours contre les décisions de refus de VISA) and argue that because of your status, there is no legal reason that prevents you from living here with your husband/spouse or your child.

You are already living in France but don’t have residency status

This is a common situation. Faced with the inertia of the French immigration administration, you have to try new options. By living here, your situation may evolve over the years and create new opportunities to file for residency.

Because of your work, your health, your family or because you have been living in France for several years, it is still possible for you to obtain residency even if you have been rejected previously.

Before attempting to file for residency at the Préfecture, we will advise you on the proper status you should ask for and if necessary we will be ready for any possibilities  of litigation with the administration.